Once long ago Eladrin lived in the seas and oceans of Goss, but they became eragent and thought themselves gods for outliving the other mortal races. Gladius became angry with her creations and flung them out of the sea. Dooming them to walk the land and be apart from her. This seperation causes the Eladrin to long to return to the sea and to this end they build large ships that can house thousands of people. These ship cities travel the ocean longing to return under the waves. It is said that when ever an Eladrin dies it rains since the sea goddess weeps for one of her children.

The Eladrin’s race encouter power is replaced by Water Origins.

Water Origins

From the deepest parts of the soul you remember what it once was to be from under the sea.


Move Action – Personal

Effect: You can breath under water until the end of the encounter, but you can no longer breath out of water until the effect ends.

Other then this all other information is the same as in the Player’s Handbook.


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