Welcome to Goss a large island continent surrounded by one ocean and surrounding another. The land stretches from the Dragonfrost, a large frozen mountainous area dominated by frost giants and barbarian clans. To, the Burning Sands, a wasteland of nomadic wizards that draw their power from the land, but destroy it at the same time. In between are the Fog Mountains the home of the ancient Dwarven clans, and the Silvan Woods, a beautiful forest that is the home to Elves and the Gnomes, relatives to the Dwarves of the Fog Mountains, at the center of which is a grove of silver trees. Across the oceans and seas sail tall white sailed ships owned by the Eladrin. Lastly through the air can be found the floating air ships of the Halflings. Throughout the world live small pockets of humans, less likely to live with their environment humans cities stand out against the terrain and attract more attention.

The races relationship directly reflect the relationship of the gods. Since many of the gods share children the races have good relations with other races when their gods are on good terms. Many races are suspicious of Halflings since it was the God Nidor that betrayed the other gods and gave steal to humans. How ever Orcs find them helpful since the god Aestus embarrassed Nidor for this same act, but why not all he wants is to see the world burn. Elves and Dwarves are close since Pluvis a daughter of the two races gods bonds them together and is on good terms with both parents. Humans on the other hand are considered to be a gods test of its chosen race at best and a plague to be wiped out at worst. The humans have more deities and there for a wider spectrum of views, but they tend to be shades of gray.